HI3835* CTK Salinity

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Product information "HI3835* CTK Salinity"

The HANNA test kit measures salinity using a fast and efficient titrimetric method. The test requires only a few simple and safe steps to obtain results. The salinity level in g/kg is determined by a mercuric nitrate titration method. The pH is lowered to approximately 3 by addition of nitric acid. Mercuric ions react with chloride ions to form mercuric chloride. When excessive mercuric ions are present, it complexes with diphenylcarbazone to form a purple solution. The color change from yellow to violet indicates the endpoint.

Order Information:
HI 3835 test kit comes with 15 mL diphenyl-carbazone indicator, 30 mL nitric acid solution, 120 mL titrant solution, plastic vial and 1 mL calibrated syringe with tip.

Specification :
Method Titration
Range 0.0-40.0 g/kg
Smallest Increment 0.4 g/kg
Chemical Method Mercuric nitrate
Number of Tests approx 110
Weight 460 g