HI3833* CTK Phosphate

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Product information "HI3833* CTK Phosphate"

The orthosphosphate level in mg/L (or ppm) is determined by a colorimetric method. Ammonium molybdate and potassium antimonyl tartrate react in acid medium with orthophosphate to form a phosphomolybdate complex, that is reduced to intensely colored molybdenum blue by ascorbic acid. The color intensity of the solution determines the phosphate concentration. Phosphates can be classified as ortho, condensed or organically bound. As with existing test kits on the market, the HANNA Phosphate Test Kit will only determine ortho phosphate levels.

Order Information:
HI 3833 test kit comes with 20 mL plastic beaker, color comparison cube and 50 packets phosphate reagent.

Specification :
Method Colorimetric
Range 0-5 mg/L
Smallest Increment 1 mg/L
Chemical Method Ascorbic acid
Number of Tests 50
Weight 160 g