HI38000* CTK Sulfate

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Product information "HI38000* CTK Sulfate"

The procedure for determining sulfate is a modification of the barium sulfate turbidimetric method.

Sulfate is precipitated as barium sulfate by reaction with barium chloride in acidic medium. The turbidity is proportional to the concentration of sulfate:

(SO4)2- + Ba2+ ? BaSO4

Order Information:
HI 38000 test kit comes with 100 packets sulfate reagent A, 53 g sulfate reagent B, 10 mL complexing agent, 50 mL glass test tube, 50 mL plastic vessel, 3 mL plastic pipette and spoon.

Specification :
Method Turbidimetric
Range 20-100 mg/L
Smallest Increment 5 mg/L
Chemical Method Barium chloride
Number of Tests 100
Weight 290 g