HI4115 - Silver/Sulfide ISE, Solid-state Combination

Product Code : HI4115

Category : Sulfide

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Product information "HI4115 - Silver/Sulfide ISE, Solid-state Combination"
Solid electrode combination of PEI, when designed as an indicator titration with silver nitrate. Determination of sulfide in water, soil, processing means in the production of paper.
Parameter Silver/Sulfide
Type Solid-state; Combination
Measurement Range Ag+ 1.0M to 1X 10-6M 107900 to 0.11ppm S2- 1.0M to 1X 10-7M 32100 to 0.003 ppm
Optimum pH Range Ag+ 2 to 8 S2- 12 to 14
Temperature Range 0 to 80°C
Approximate Slope +56 Ag+ / -28 S2-
Body O.D. 12 mm
Insertion Length 120 mm
Body Material PEI
Cable 1m coaxial
Connector BNC
Possible Applications As an indicator for titrations using sulfide nitrate. For the determination of sulfide ions in waters, paper liquors, natural waters and soils.